Johannesburg Museum of the Arts | Kerishne Smith

An axis shows the hierarchy of spaces, highlighting the elements in the design and focusing on the movement through the site. Essential architectural principles are sustainability, accessibility, functional spaces, and elevating the private spaces by freeing up the ground floor for public use.

Eduwik Architecture Excellence Awards 2022 (Students)
Second Award | Commercial

Project Name: Johannesburg Museum of the Arts
Project Category: Commercial

Studio Name: Kerishne Smith
Design Team: Kerishne Smith
Area: Johannesburg
Year: 2020
Location: Johannesburg
Consultants: Kerishne Smith
Photography Credits: Kerishne Smith
Other Credits: University of the Witwatersrand

Johannesburg Museum of the Arts | Kerishne Smith - Sheet1
©Kerishne Smith

This is a project from The Johannesburg museum of the arts is occupied with the musical and art history of South Africa with showcases of musical legends such as Miriam Makeba and Hugh Masekela.

The grand exhibition spaces display sculptures, artworks, and theatre performance art in the auditorium. With the use of maximum natural lighting ingress into the spaces, the building requires less artificial lighting. Architectural features that activate the spaces include the public roof terraces with indigenous vegetation and meeting points for human comfort such as the bus stop and drop-off zone.

Johannesburg Museum of the Arts | Kerishne Smith - Sheet2
©Kerishne Smith

Accessibility into the building on site is by entering the building through the reception area which leads to the circulation core and spill-out space for the auditorium. The Ground floor is freed for public use of space. Restaurant, Sculpture display Café, Pop up market, Library, Jungle gym, Auditorium, Exhibition space, Art gallery, and Bookshop (Retail stores).

Johannesburg Museum of the Arts | Kerishne Smith - Sheet1Johannesburg Museum of the Arts | Kerishne Smith - Sheet2

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