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As India reaches its 75th year of Independence, this experimentation has allowed us to take a pause and observe the great progress of India as a nation. Although 75 years is not a long time in the life of a nation, looking at India, the changes are highly admirable.

Eduwik Architecture Excellence Awards 2022
First Award | Pop-ups and Temporary (Concept)

Project Name: Essence of India
Project Category: EAEA101607

Studio Name: HEAD Studio
Design Team: Aditya Pratap Soni, Snehal Bhargava, Krishnakant Vishwakarma.
Area: Height – 11.2 M, Width – 6.7 M, Breath – 5.3 M
Year: 2022
Location: Can be replicated anywhere.
Consultants: Vijay Soni(Technical Consultant)
Photography Credits: None
Other Credits: None

Essence of India | HEAD Studio - Sheet2
©HEAD Studio

Our nation is like a garland of flowers. Each of its flowers is unique with its distinctive colour and fragrance, but when tied together, they give you the True Essence and Beauty of India – a nation that is diverse in all ways, a nation where languages and cultures change every few kilometers, a nation with its roots in its heritage and social values.

The designed sculpture aims to become the voice of this new ambitious India. It represents our greatest strengths and gives direction to our progress. The sculpture will bring together our communities and celebrate the 75 years of independence as ONE.

Essence of India | HEAD Studio - Sheet3
©HEAD Studio

Our Sculpture is based on four ideologies, each of which is leading India to new heights:

1. Diversity

“Unity in Diversity” is a phrase not new to India. From the attire worn by different communities to the languages, art, and even food choices, our country reflects its rich and diverse cultures and heritage. Where other countries may find it difficult to understand how we live together, we consider it one of our greatest strengths. This diversity adds warmth to our relations, brings euphoria to celebrations, and makes India unique.

In our sculpture, the same shape of diamonds is used multiple times but in varied sizes to represent how being different adds to beauty.

2. Endless Opportunities

India is not just a developing nation but is a mother of skills and resources. With emerging Indian unicorns and many global brands shifting to India, India is giving way to never-ending opportunities.

The continuous loop of the sculpture represents India as the land of Endless Opportunities and values. It is a sculpture with strong roots of heritage and infinite success.

3. Reflections of its people

Our nation is because of its people. With a 1.3 billion total population, India is said to have the highest percentage, 28%, of the youth population. The young minds enjoy the freedom to challenge the wrong and divert attention to the relevant topics. They are innovators, creators, and builders.

The chrome-plated steel base of the sculpture will reflect the foundation of the nation. It will reflect the diverse land and the diverse communities around. The surface will reflect all those who come to visit in the hope to inspire them to make a better India.

4. 75 Years of Independence

The steel sections are cut and pressed to look like diamond-shaped petals. 75 such petals are placed together to represent the 75 years of challenges that came our way. They represent the 75 years of glory and success. And they represent the 75 years of independence of the world’s largest democracy.

Essence of India | HEAD Studio - Sheet4
©HEAD Studio

The reflective base further allows the sculpture to appear different in different locations. The innovative use of hollow box and circular steel sections with chrome-plated steel adds a unique character to the sculpture. To enhance the experience, we introduced Augmented Reality, which tells the stories of our glorious past. This sculpture will become a part of the lives of people and become a symbol of celebration and inspiration.



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