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Snehodiya was designed to provide spiritual & holistic living to the seniors. The form of building with its vivid vertical lines holding horizontal terraces, is reminiscent of hands, joined together in prayer- emerging from dust of the earth and reaching out to skies creating an atmosphere of spirituality.

Eduwik Architecture Excellence Awards 2022
First Award | Housing (over 5 floors) (Built)

Project Name: Snehodiya Senior Living
Project Category: Senior living co-housing

Studio Name: Pace Consultants
Design Team: Debmalya Guha, Manab Basu Mallik and others
Area: 1.2 acre
Year: 2019
Location: at  Rajarhat Newtown, Next to Swapnobhor, Senior Citizen Park
Consultants: Sunandan Basu, Debasish Mukherjee, Sujoy Das
Photography Credits: Swarup Chatterjee, Sourav Dhali, Subrata Ghosh
Other Credits: Debasish Sen, MD, HIDCO                                                                                                                                           

Snehodiya Senior Living | Pace Consultants - Sheet3
©Swarup Chatterjee, Sourav Dhali, Subrata Ghosh

We have retained the fundamental essence of traditional two-storied house in a multi-storied design, by rooms built around a series of multilevel, staggered courtyards with rays of sun shimmering through the circular holes.

Snehodiya Senior Living | Pace Consultants - Sheet5
©Swarup Chatterjee, Sourav Dhali, Subrata Ghosh

Terrace gardens on each floor facilitate a natural flow of wind and embrace nature. On the 9th floor, the traditional colonnade has been reimagined with a lawn-making it the perfect spot to sit with a cup of tea enjoying the rain.

Snehodiya Senior Living | Pace Consultants - Sheet6
©Swarup Chatterjee, Sourav Dhali, Subrata Ghosh

The ornate railings, jaali-work on façade, Bengali alpona motifs and posters of old films evoke a sense of nostalgia and intimacy. The building encourages interaction and creates a community that is healthy, vibrant, & close to nature.

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