Casa 2M | Guillem Carrera Arquitecte

The site that is the subject of the project is part of an urban plot separated from the urban area and located on a high point of Cap Salou, so it is visually oriented towards La Pineda and the sea. The land has a steep slope of eleven meters and is accessed through its lower part. This urban area consists of residential areas and is surrounded by protected zones. It is located in a natural environment and a Mediterranean landscape.

Eduwik Architecture Excellence Awards 2022
Second Award | Private Residence (Concept)

Project Name: Casa 2M
Project Category: Private Residence

Studio Name: Guillem Carrera Arquitecte
Design Team: Guillem Carrera, Mireia Pla, Tamara Carballal, Monica López, T80 arquitectura tècnica, Windmill Structural Consultants, Zero Consulting (Ecotec Enginyers SLP)
Area: 652m2
Year: 2020
Location: Salou
Photography Credits: Beta Collective
Other Credits:

Casa 2M | Guillem Carrera Arquitecte - Sheet2
©Beta Collective

It is initially based on four premises: integrating the building into the plot, obtaining good natural lighting in the different areas of the house, participate in the views of the site and create privacy with respect to the street and neighbors.

It is proposed an exposed concrete structure with a span of nine meters between the supports, which are, in turn, the external closures, so that the spaces delimited by the structure are already those of the house and can therefore be released and freely organized. The house articulates its circulation through a double-height central space dominated by an element of vegetation in its center. The double-height space connects the two main floors of the house and in it are the stairs and the vertical circulating elevator. This room is equipped with a skylight that allows natural light.

Casa 2M | Guillem Carrera Arquitecte - Sheet3
©Beta Collective

Inside the parking floor, the area of the gastronomic space differs from the parking, storage and system area of the house. This gastronomic space is designed as an area for family or friends meetings that is separate from the rest of the house and offers space for cooking, eating or resting. At the same time, it participates in an outdoor area that is clearly different from the rest of the house.

The day floor of the house, with the exception of the storage room and bathroom, is proposed in a sole room, where the diverse uses and daytime activities take place around the double-height space. This day space continues with the outside area and the pool through a porch that extends the longitudinal feel and focuses the visuals. On the bedroom floor, the program focuses on the two extremes: the suite room and its areas focus on the view of the sea, while the two single rooms, with bathroom and laundry room, face south-west.

Casa 2M | Guillem Carrera Arquitecte - Sheet4
©Beta Collective

Finally, on the smallest floor we find the guest room, a bathroom and the multi-purpose or gym room. This multipurpose area gives access to the terrace, which is proposed out above the floor of the rooms and offers great views of the countryside.

The non-built spaces are partly paved and partly landscaped, which are used for leisure and break. Overall, it is a house that aims to ensure that the interior spaces are in contact with the non-built spaces on the site, so that there are no clearly differentiated and separate interior-exterior spaces. The interior and exterior spaces have visual continuity beyond its geometric limits.

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