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An experiment to innovate a luminaire design with a challenging and futuristic ambience for the leeding technology Univerity in Sri Lanka for its welcoming lobby for visitiors.

Eduwik Architecture Excellence Awards 2022
First Award | Interior Design Elements (Built)

Project Name: Luminare “Enibas” / For the Entrance Lobby of University of Moratuwa

Studio Name: earchitectstudio
Design Team: Ar Suresh, Edirisooriya.A.T.
Area: N/A
Year : 2018
Location: Universtiy of Moratuwa Sri Lanka
Consultants: earchitectstuio
Photography Credits: earhitectstudio
Other Credits: earhitectstudio   

Luminare “Enibas” For the Entrance Lobby of Uiversity of Moratuwa | earchitectstudio - Sheet2


This comlementory commission was taken over wth lot of pride and the Lobby was also desgin to acoomodate visitors;Students, local and Ofriegn Delegation and other collaorative innovators who works hand in hand with the University for the advance ment of the University as well as the Country’s technological infrastructure.

Luminare “Enibas” For the Entrance Lobby of Uiversity of Moratuwa | earchitectstudio - Sheet3

This Luminare was handmade in a local worksho with simly availbale materials and the lamp of it is a lenghty strip of LED which highlights the energy sustainbility. Emission of light to the centre of the luminare and vertically from a matt black ring creates a flowless exressions which adds prestrige to the lobby as an object which is floating at the atrium celing level.

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