The parkway Sales Center | Shanghai Yicaidesign Co., Ltd.

As a property sales center in a high-end district in the city center, the overall furnishing design considers how to present the local culture perfectly in the space, so that guests can have a strong resonance while visiting.

Eduwik Architecture Excellence Awards 2022
Third Award | Interiors – Workplace (Built)

Project Name: The parkway Sales Center
Project Category:  Interiors – Workplace

Studio Name: Shanghai Yicaidesign Co., Ltd.
Design Team:Gaolong,Gaoying
Year: 20/08/2018
Photography Credits:yicai
Other Credits:

The parkway Sales Center | Shanghai Yicaidesign Co., Ltd. - Sheet2

Classic art deco elements, strong nostalgic style, as if time has been turned back, back to twenty or thirty years with the old Shanghai, the intermingling of Chinese and Western elements, conveying a sense of fashion and elegance and exquisite beauty.

The parkway Sales Center | Shanghai Yicaidesign Co., Ltd. - Sheet3

Although the negotiation area is concise, there are still some glimpses of the graceful and gorgeous flavor. These three sets of negotiation tables and chairs are specially made of high-grade fabrics and leather materials, with partial metal decoration. This uniquely warm and comfortable feel of leather adds a sense of intimacy. In addition, the customized furniture and lamps with polished patterns and metal decoration look modern and gorgeous. Between each group is placed a sofa back a few, back a few on the iron sculpture is also carefully selected. These walls and façade are made of natural marble with partial wood veneer and Chinese decorative patterns. The overall space is made of marble, iron, leather, silver foil, and stainless steel, emphasizing the simple texture and clean and sharp layout. It perfectly expresses the exquisite dignity and luxury of ART DECO.

The parkway Sales Center | Shanghai Yicaidesign Co., Ltd. - Sheet4

The deep negotiation area adopts a round semi-enclosed space. The semi-circular settee, a round woolen carpet with Chinese ink mood, an old Shanghai-style screen, and the photography on the wall are located near this property has the first Catholic Church in the Far East. Everything tells people that this place is the fusion of East and West culture for a hundred years, the famous people gathered in the region, even though time is like lightning, the classics will live forever. It also gives the guests a sense of prestige and achieves the intent of selling the product immensely well.

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