Rebranding Maison Cardin | Oria Chidyaonga

The rebrand of Maison Cardin takes on an underground, dystopian approach with aims to engage the buyer in an immersive shopping experience. In conscious attempt to keep the concept as close to the current aesthetic of the clothing pieces.

Eduwik Architecture Excellence Awards 2022 (Students)
First Award | Commercial

Project Name: Rebranding: Maison Cardin
Project Category: Commercial

Studio Name: N/A
Design Team: Oria Chidyaonga
Area: 42.95m²
Year: 2022
Location: Paris, France
Consultants: Prof. Alejandro Amador of Florence Institute Design of International
Photography Credits: N/A
Other Credits: N/A


Rebranding Maison Cardin | Oria Chidyaonga - Sheet3
©Oria Chidyaonga

The clothes are displayed in a monumental way, with contrast of textile materials and use of 2 main colours, back and green, the concept store leads the buyer by the shag rug.

Rebranding Maison Cardin | Oria Chidyaonga - Sheet5
©Oria Chidyaonga

This also highlights the change in texture from the use of concrete against the carpet and metal steel that hold the clothes and several bags.


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