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We are proposing here a Pavilion designed as a dialogue among modern lifestyle and nature. A pavilion surrounded by urban forest, blending beautifully and comfortably into the tree canopy. The quality of space, rhythm of openings, generous invitation of light, seems to vanish the presence of the pavilion itself, only to see man and nature as one.

Eduwik Architecture Excellence Awards 2022
Third Award | Private Residence (Concept)

Project Name: PRESENCE
Project Category: Private Residence

Studio Name: DDIR Architecture Studio
Design Team: Dominic Dube, Vipul Gupta, Richard Prince
Area: 2 Acres
Year: 2022
Location: Hyderabad

PRESENCE | DDIR Architecture Studio - Sheet2
©DDIR Architecture Studio

The experience is further better extended with recreational walks towards the north part of the estate which can host a different palette of activity. A singular living structure with panoramic openings all around welcomes the nature within. The house celebrates the central courtyard with a pivotal symbolic tree evoking a sense of unity and belongingness. The green roof further allows the building to merge fully with nature while also reducing the overall heat gain.

The living volume approached by an entry platform from outside, and from within, approached via the bedroom quarters corridor with a certain quality of spatial proportion, the kitchen & service box, and with few pauses of outside living terraces. Here,  we are simultaneously proposing simple introspective spaces, as well as grand spaces, which we think depend on those particular days and times.

PRESENCE | DDIR Architecture Studio - Sheet3
©DDIR Architecture Studio

The pavilion is designed taking cues from Vastu principles which open up various possibilities, such as a big water body and consequently a beautiful recreational pathway towards the north side. The design approach compliments nature by folding itself around the courtyard and communicates with those big trees as the main element.

The pavilion hosts the union of man, nature and light as well as one which can make for a cozy ambience, through what can be called an understated design.The material has been selected as per to embrace the existing elements in the site.

PRESENCE | DDIR Architecture Studio - Sheet4
©DDIR Architecture Studio

The space provides a non-barrier visual for inside-outside relationships making it a free flow throughout the space ,white walls show a transparency between the human and nature. Each of the elements at the site appreciate mutual existence and create a storyline together. With a minimalist and optimized approach, here we introduce THE PRESENCE, which harnesses the stillness of perfection.


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