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Our design site is Tehran and similar cities that have problems such as earthquakes, air pollution and sustainable energy shortages.
Our design for these towers is based on electromagnetic force.

Eduwik Architecture Excellence Awards 2022
Third Award | Mixed Use

Project Name:  levitate tower
Project Category: Mixed Use

Studio Name: aladesign
Design Team: Ali Lavasani_Ashkan Delavarnejad_ Fateme Azizzade_Helia Rezaee
Location: Tehran_Iran
Consultants: Ashkan Delavarnejad_ Fateme Azizzade_Helia Rezaee
Photography Credits:
Other Credits:

Levitate Tower by aladesign - Sheet1

In this way, we placed sensors deep in the ground, and as soon as a vibration was reported through the sensors to the center of the lower shell of the tower, the electromagnetic force was activated and guided the tower to a height of 5 meters. Prevent seismic transmission to the structure and after the end of the earthquake by reducing the electromagnetic force of the structure is placed on the ground. We took this pattern from Maglev trains in Japan.

Uses of this tower are:
The first 10 floors include the lobby, parking and equipment storage areas
The second 10 floors include office and commercial spaces
The third 10 floors include service and recreational spaces (green space, children’s play space, etc.).
The fourth 10 floors include an apartment hotel. We use these spaces to house the victims during the earthquake, which includes service spaces for the victims (clinic, kitchen, etc.).
The fifth 10 floors include residential spaces.

Levitate Tower by aladesign - Sheet2

Also, the electromagnetic control center is located at the bottom of the tower shell.

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