Drifting lsland | Field study operation

As a part of the journey to bring natural life experience to cities, The desk design is intended to identify everyone as an island that drifts in the city. The idea came from the Greek word “nesos”, meaning “island”.

Eduwik Architecture Excellence Awards 2022
First Award | Furniture Design

Project Name: Drifting lsland
Studio Name: Field study operation
Category: Furniture Design
Team: tianjian li

Drifting lsland | Field study operation - Sheet2
©Field study operation

In modern contexts, it appears in the vocabulary as a suffix to represent what the archipelago is. Indonesia, located between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Is the epitome of how scattered islands become a whole.

Drifting lsland | Field study operation - Sheet3
©Field study operation

The desk is designed into an irregular round shape that can be split into two parts. Each part has four wheels that better help the desk move around. Appearing to be homogeneous, all the desks can be combined into round shapes that become the archipelago, or they can be split into small desks that drift like islands. The nomadic way of designing the desk stimulates interaction and collaboration of the work space, it also provides more possibilities to activities, events, and panels, etc.

Drifting lsland | Field study operation - Sheet4
©Field study operation

The usage of metal represents the concrete and steel that build up the city, but its curvature form speaks about the ambiguous existence of nature in the city. The idea of people traveling through urban and nature best describes our intention to connect different people and lifestyles.

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