Culinary Institution, Mysore | Parikshith K S

Design Developed Based on these Questions.

  1. What is the nature of an institution?

(Learning environments, qualities, Relationships)

Eduwik Architecture Excellence Awards 2022 (Students)
Second Award | Institutional

Project Name: Culinary Institution, Mysuru
Project Category: Institutional

Studio Name: Wadiyar Centre For Architecture, Mysuru
Design Team: One student project.
Area: Chamarajapuram ,Mysuru
Year: 2020-2021
Location: Next to hotel Quorum ,Mysore – Manglore road, Chamarajapuram – 570005
Consultants: STUDIO GUIDES

Prof. Anand Krishnamurty
Asst. Prof. Ryan Thomas
Asst. Prof. Suren Alone
Asso.Prol. Kiran Kumar
Asst.Pref. Asijit Khan
Asst.Prof. Kavana Kumar

Photography Credits: ——-
Other Credits: Render Credits – Sathwik Koundinya

Culinary Institution, Mysore | Parikshith K S - Sheet3
©Parikshith K S
  1. How to develop a program and its spatial relationships from a set of diverse requirements?

(Mixed program, diversity, scale, vertical organization, sections)

  1. How to work with tall buildings?

(Urban restrictions + public interface, regulations, structure, services, circulation)

  1. Culinary Institution, Mysore | Parikshith K S - Sheet4
    ©Parikshith K S

    How do precedent studies inform design process?

(Structured analytical presentation)

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