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Mongolia Refinery is a 150 Hector crude oil refinery project located at Altanshiree Soum near Dornogovi, Mongolia. The admin building located close the main entrance of the plot and shall also houses the main operation working staff. The admin building is G+1 Structure which accommodate various office cubical, an open office arrangement with training rooms & recreation facilities.

Eduwik Architecture Excellence Awards 2022
Second Award | Industrial Warehouse (Built)

Project Name: Mangolia Refinery
Project Category: Industrial

Studio Name: Semac Consultants Pvt Ltd
Design Team: Anil Kumar Pilla (Head of Architect) ; Jayanth (CAD & BIM Designer)
Area: 5230 SQ.M (Admin Block)
Year: 2022
Location: Mangolia
Consultants: NA
Photography Credits: JMC (Contractor)
Other Credits: NA.

Mangolia Refinery | Semac Consultants Pvt Ltd - Sheet3
©JMC (Contractor)

The building is a product of the programming process which separates admin functions by levels. the main concept of the project is creating a high-performance building enclosure which can mitigate the adverse climatic conditions of Mongolia. The unique form the building creates spaces which accommodates various admin functions and to have a connect to their natural surroundings. This has achieved by creating an opens office space with an outdoor courtyard space at the centre of the building. This outdoor space would act has breakout spaces for staff and admits natural daylighting deep into the building footprint.

Mangolia Refinery | Semac Consultants Pvt Ltd - Sheet5
©JMC (Contractor)

The main challenge is to provide an envelope that would reduce the heat lose & heat gain, we have attained this by designing building envelope which is airtight with the help of latest construction technologies and building materials such as high performance DGU glass panels for all windows & glazing along with multi-layered wall system (ACC Block + EIFS + Fins) composed of thermal resistance building materials with EIFS systems outside. This well insulated adobe, help in reduce the energy consumption on HVAC systems.

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