Sukshm | Shivam Arya

The competition brief demanded a microhouse living concept on site of 36 sqm. with basic living requirements for two people. Complimentarily, the brief was simple with inducing a sustainable yet practical design was the main challenge, demanding considerable amount of microhouse study.

Eduwik Architecture Excellence Awards 2022 (Students)
First Award | Residence Design

Project Name: SUKSHM
Student Name: SHIVAM ARYA


Research and Concept Synthesis

Though the provided brief was straightforward but the challenge was to come up with a unique spatial algorithm. I started bifurcating the brief and thought of going in detail of every aspect and requirements.

Upon doing enough research on materials and existing microhousing trends, I finally came up with an adaptable design – which was upcycling of shipping container. I found this to be practical as well as environment friendly. My focus was to showcase sustainability factors in design when added to fulfilling design brief requirements.


Although shipping containers have been employed practically in many affordable housing projects, my input to this was creating a better responsive spatial arrangement while using every surface as an opportunity for enhancing energy efficiency and biodiversity.

Design Features

Summing up all the research, Sukshm concept was formed which would showcase sustainability as well as environmental friendly approach to design that could be dismantled and transported easily as owner’s requirement. The various aspects were:

  • Using upcycled shipping containers as building blocks
  • Reusing wooden planks as flooring and staircase
  • Particle board from recycled thatch as interior insulation
  • Green terrace with providing indigenous plants
  • Solar energy generation system

The containers were stacked over each other generating a practical but aesthetic form providing enough space in the common area and privacy as well as free flow in the overall design. Two containers would replicate the ground floor and further the common spaces as living room, kitchen and bathroom as well. The third container would be resting over two providing private space i.e bedroom and study area.

The roof of the ground floor containers were designed as a green terrace with entrance from the top container as well as from the outside strip garden area. Enough open spaces and recreational areas were enacted in design, like a narrow 1m x 5m garden, connected to a multipurpose staircase with planters integrated.

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