Qatarat Fountain | White Vase

Qatarat fountain design inspires by water droplets” Qatarat” means drops in Arabic. The smallest drop of water on a still water surface makes ripples throughout the entire pond, people’s actions have similar effects, every action or decision they make has a rhythm and effect on their lives and surrounding environment ultimately affecting the whole world; Sometimes appears immediately or over time.

Eduwik Architecture Excellence Awards 2022
First Award | Landscape – Public (Concept)

Project Category: Landscape – Public

Studio Name: White Vase
Design Team:Mai Qadan
Area:Abu Dhabi
Location: Abu Dhabi
Consultants: White Vase
Photography Credits: Mai Qadan
Other Credits: non

QATARAT FOUNTAIN | White Vase - Sheet2
©Mai Qadan

It can change the earth into a better or worse place to live in, so if people want to live in peace and prosperity,  their actions should be like a drop of water giving life to the dry land.

QATARAT FOUNTAIN | White Vase - Sheet3
©Mai Qadan

An iconic, timeless, and contemporary fountain design, it is polished stainless steel streamlined conical form centralized in gradual circles, the shape has been designed to simulate water drops. Flowing water’s sound creates positive vibes in public space. This fountain will create a striking focal point when the installation is in cities, squares, and scenic spots.


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