New Schwangau | Chun Te( David ) Lee, Melina Reul

New schwangau is located under the Alps. Abundant natural resources and tourism resources are the biggest advantages here. But at the same time, there are also many social structural problems. Therefore, this design is a small urban planning design that combines the local cultural background, social structure issues and natural landscape.

Eduwik Architecture Excellence Awards 2022 (Students)
First Award | Mixed Use

Project Name: New Schwangau
Project Category: Mixed Use

Studio Name: Leibniz Hannover University
Design Team: Chun Te Lee/ Melina Reul
Location: Schwangau, Germany
Photography Credits:-
Other Credits:-

New Schwangau | Chun Te( David ) Lee, Melina Reul - Sheet2
©Chun Te( David ) Lee, Melina Reul

It is mainly for the environmental planning derived from the young generation returning to their hometown or staying in their hometown for development. We look forward to changing the status quo through architecture and urban planning.

New Schwangau | Chun Te( David ) Lee, Melina Reul - Sheet3
©Chun Te( David ) Lee, Melina Reul

The design concept in the landscape incorporates curving flowerbeds and meadows. Try to integrate all areas with nature. Decorate the area with “water” and add different natural elements. Create opportunities in people’s lives to interact with the environment. Balancing and communicating between living conditions and natural ecology is what we expect throughout the region.

New Schwangau | Chun Te( David ) Lee, Melina Reul - Sheet4
©Chun Te( David ) Lee, Melina Reul

In the living concept we will offer apartments for small families or singles. There are three different types of room. In the frout site of the appartment is public balcony. Then in the back site also have an privat space for each room. So depended on the deweller to choose, which space would they want to stay out. In this way, the problem of Schwangauy’s housing type is solved.

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