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Sports in today’s world require a lot of planning, investment, and maintenance. These events require huge structures to cater to the present as well as future requirements. These facilities are constructed using public money collected in the form of taxes, they remain ideal most of the time and do not contribute back to society. These factors create neglect towards these massive structures leading them in becoming underutilized.

Eduwik Architecture Excellence Awards 2022 (Students)
Third Award | Mixed Use

Project Name: Mixed Used Stadium
Studio Name: Kashish Chauhan

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The answer to these concerns is an evolution in this building type that has been around for centuries. If a stadium, such an undertaking of infrastructure, space, and money is to be constructed, then it must make the most out of what it is. Space must be multi-functional, and it is the stadium designer’s and elected officials’ duty to their community to design in such a way as to make the most use of the money being spent on these projects.

Mixed Used Stadium | Kashish Chauhan - Sheet4
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This thesis will explore the possibility of the stadium’s triumphant return to the urban core, becoming an integral part of the public realm. Designed as a soccer-specific stadium, the facility will transform into a space that is used by the community even on non-match days, and will galvanize a fan base that will be able to access the venue through public transportation. The stadium will create a new public space when not in use for its primary purpose and will reinforce its bond with the community by becoming a landmark and a place that is utilized on every basis by every member of the community, not simply the sports fanatic.

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This multi-functionality of the stadium complex ultimately will be its greatest strength, providing its infrastructure to the community as a backdrop for the people to use for whatever they please, from flash mobs to protests, cultural celebrations to community events. This typology of the stadium will allow the event to spill out to the public, taking the idea of the public square to another level. Hospitality and retails designed into the stadium will become normally operating establishments during non-match days, and portions of the stadium itself will become usable for public activities.

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