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Toward Symbiosis

We spend our whole lives looking for “home”

without realizing that we have left it outside the door.

Home is no longer a place in which to cut oneself off from the world, but an intelligent envelope capable of establishing a functional relationship between the life inside and the life outside, like a cellular membrane.

Eduwik Architecture Excellence Awards 2022
Third Award | Housing (upto 5 floors) (Concept)

Project Name: Greeting the Sun
Project Category: Housing (upto 5 floors)

Studio Name: Progettazione Aurea
Design Team: Cinzia Valente, Gianbattista Pomatto, Melissa Bado
Year: 2022
Location: Pianoro (BO), Italy
Photography Credits:
Other Credits:

Greeting the Sun | Progettazione Aurea - Sheet3
©Progettazione Aurea

Greeting the Sun

“Greeting the Sun” embodies the principles of Golden Design, having as its goal the well-being of its inhabitants as much as that to the environment in which it fits. Its sectional shape, like petals of a flower, is designed to welcome the sun from dawn to dusk, using its light all day long and accompanying it into the house intelligently.

Greeting the Sun | Progettazione Aurea - Sheet4
©Progettazione Aurea

The living structure is built around a bioclimatic greenhouse that actively contributes to improving the building’s energy performance and offers the possibility of hosting hydroponic crops. Wood-framed walls insulated with lime and hemp elements allow the house to “breathe,” helping to maintain temperature and regulate humidity. The roof covered with living greenery, with an extensive system, improves insulation in the summer, energy quality, stormwater management and visual impact, integrating with the surrounding nature. The skylight above the greenhouse in the center of the house provides sagittal light. Composed of transparent photovoltaic glass, like the glazing, it helps meet the energy needs of the house.

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