Colono | Serrano+Baquero


The commission consists of the creation of the commercial premises belonging to a franchise that distributes and commercializes quality Spanish food products worldwide.

Eduwik Architecture Excellence Awards 2022
First Award | Commercial (Built)

Project Name: Colono
Project Category: Commercial

Studio Name: Serrano+Baquero
Design Team: Juan Antonio Serrano Garcia and Paloma Baquero Masats
Year:Autumm 2018
Location:Albolote, Granada, Spain
Consultants:Pedro Varela
Photography Credits:Fernando Alda
Other Credits:

Colono | Serrano+Baquero - Sheet2
©Fernando Alda

The project tries to update the concept of the traditional grocery store, adapting it to new and different situations. A black wood perimeter is proposed, operating as a wrap housing the facilities and large appliances, together with a central piece of furniture, made of pine wood that colonizes the different spaces in which the franchise can be located.

Colono | Serrano+Baquero - Sheet3
©Fernando Alda

Colono Wooden Piece

Taking the 14th century “portulano” maps as a reference and abstracting the geometry of their directional lines, we generated four pieces of wood with different angles that, combined in a myriad of possibilities, give rise to a series of modules designed to host various activities. This modular system allows the creation of multiple custom geometric configurations according to the particularities of the premises to be intervened or the convenience of establishing certain uses to a greater or lesser extent according to regulations, location, amount of initial investment or marketing strategies. They have common heights, geometries and material, so a homogenous formal identity is always maintained, being COLONO recognizable anywhere in the world.

Colono | Serrano+Baquero - Sheet4
©Fernando Alda

This flexibility, based on 4 unique generating elements, means that, regardless of the use of each module, they all have an exhibition surface on both sides with a contrasted background, being the products a backdrop for any activity to be carried out. The furniture, which is presented as exempt, colonizes the space accommodating its position and shape to the perimeter in which it is inserted, and illuminating both the exposed product and the space, generating an intimate and welcoming atmosphere.

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