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The theme of the Astronomy Education and Research Center has evolved out of the massive light pollution that is happening in most of the bigger European cities.

Eduwik Architecture Excellence Awards 2022 (Students)
First Award | Public Building

Project Name: Astronomy Education and Research Center
Project Category: Public Building

Studio Name:
Design Team: Yentl Dobbels
Area: Ghent
Year: 2021
Location: Belgium
Photography Credits:
Other Credits:

Astronomy Education and Research Center | Yentl Dobbels - Sheet2
©Yentl Dobbels

The astronomy education and research center is designed to inform people more about astronomy and its impact on life on our planet. As well as to further investigate the current themes around astronomy, astrophysics and light pollution.

The site is located in the heart of Ghent and will provide a link between the high street and the center of Ghent. The project itself is divided into 2 main parts the research center and the education center. The research center is located inside an existing office building which consist out of an concrete skeleton structure. The education center and planetarium (dome theatre) is designed as a new extension of the old office building.

Astronomy Education and Research Center | Yentl Dobbels - Sheet4
©Yentl Dobbels

This extension is translated by means of an interweaving of the existing office building that accommodates the research center with a newly designed volume as expo and planetarium.

By means of a wooden canopy, a poetic interaction is formed with the original concrete structure which extends the interior space towards the exterior.

Astronomy Education and Research Center | Yentl Dobbels - Sheet5
©Yentl Dobbels

The office building is striped from its old façade and provided with a wooden diagrid curtainwall.

This choice has been made to create a more transparent façade so the people working inside can take a look at the majestic center of Ghent. So has the building a perfect view on the Saint Michaels bridge and the churches in the city center.

In addition it always creates a link with the spacious environment and the green lay-out of the site.

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