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15 unique Architecture Specializations

With Advanced Architecture Program for Students, everything is covered like:

- How to build your Architecture Portfolio?
- How to Ace your Design Jury?
- How to land your first Internship & Job in desired Architecture/ Design Office?
- Ultimate Architecture Thesis Guide - How to start and finish a complete project?
- Guide to Choose Your Masters after Architecture and How to Apply for it?
- How to choose from different career options after Architecture?
- How to Present Your work in front of people?
- Design Specialisations in more than 6 fields!
And a lot more!


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Additional Resources

Program Benefits

Top in Design & Level-Up Your Skills

Complete Architecture Guide is here to help you master all the essential design skills that'll make any ordinary design into an Award Winning Design & help you ACE YOUR JURY.

Land Your Internship/ Job Easily

How to design portfolio and all the resources you need to land your internship or job in your desired office are waiting for you in our Complete Architecture Guide.

Get Clarity of Masters & Career Options

Be it choosing a Masters or starting your career, get exposed to a variety of career options, how to choose and how to apply for the same through Complete Architecture Guide.

Program Details

Following Key Areas are Included in the Program to help you excel in your career

Specialization 1

How to design great Architecture Portfolio

Specialization 2

The Ultimate Architecture Thesis Guide

Specialization 3

How to apply for Masters after Architecture

Specialization 4

A perfect guide to Architecting your Career

Specialization 5

Design Thinking in Architecture

Specialization 6

Introduction to Architectural Journalism

Specialization 7

Complete Guide to Dissertation Writing

Specialization 8

Introduction to Landscape Architecture

Specialization 9

Introduction to Urban Design

Specialization 10

How to Design Streets

Specialization 11

Introduction to Skyscraper Design

Specialization 12

How to Use Biomimicry in Architecture

Specialization 13

How to Design Affordable Housing

Specialization 14

Introduction to Passive Design Strategies

Specialization 15

Introduction to Product Design

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Students Special Offer

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$199 | €199 | ₹9900 For Lifetime Access

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Eduwik’s Video courses are series of online videos that provide you with the knowledge, tools and skills you need to get perfection in any particular subject. Each video is curated with focus on providing more information in less time engaging with the students. Eduwik’s courses also allow you to download reference materials that helps you with the subject and provides you tools to use for lifetime.

The course is 100% online, so once they are published, courses start and finish whenever you want. You set the pace of the class. You can go back to review what interests you most and skip what you already know, ask questions, answer questions, or quizzes, and more

The courses are divided into different units, each one includes episodes, informational texts, quizzes and guiding tools to help you get the mastery over the subject of study, with additional complementary resources and downloads.

You’ll get your personal certificate as soon as you complete the course. You can download your certificates in PDF and share the link online.

A lot of people feel like they could’ve done things differently. Or if only they had access to these courses - they would have managed to make it the perfect submission. But we don't want you to have these regrets!

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Developed by RTF Team after months of thorough research & through extensive discussions with students, academicians and practitioners in the fields, these Courses are designed to convey in depth information in the minimum possible time! Also we’ve run them through many trials to ensure that they are very easy to consume and keep you hooked till the last lesson!

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