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15 Episodes - we've covered everything you'll need to design Affordable Housing

Learn about everything from affordable construction materials to designing for rural and urban areas, different affordable housing methods and government schemes, and factors affecting Affordability!

Learn to design Affordable Housing for Rural & Urban Areas

We’ll also tell you the tips and tricks to follow while designing affordable housing and assist you in preparing a perfect checklist so that you leave no stone unturned to create a brilliant design!

Course Content: How to Design Affordable Housing

Course Curriculum

Episode 1.1 Introduction To Course
Episode 2.1 What is Affordable Housing
Episode 2.2 Importance and Benefits of Affordable Housing
Episode 2.3 Factors Affecting Affordable Housing
Episode 3.1 Affordable Housing Models
Episode 4.1 Sustainability & Affordable Housing
Episode 4.2 Affordable Construction Materials
Episode 5.1 Affordable Housing for Rural Areas
Episode 5.2 Affordable Housing for Urban Areas
Episode 6.1 Design Guidelines for Affordable Housing
Episode 7.1 Stakeholders Associated with Urban Housing
Episode 7.2 Government Housing Schemes
Episode 7.3 Public Private Partnership
Episode 8.1 Case Studies
Episode 9.1 Conclusion

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Not sure how to design for affordability? What are the factors to consider while designing? Worry Not!

This course will walk you through every step of a designing an affordable housing, and tell you in detail how to go about it. Right from choosing your a particular methodology, and delivering a great affordable hosing design, we have everything covered for you.

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