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There is no doubt that your architectural portfolio defines who you are! And making a good one requires strategy, planning, and smart work. You may have done great work, but if not presented well, it won’t create a big impact on the viewer! So let the transformation begin with this course that covers all the essentials about making an architectural portfolio. Your portfolio is your first impression on the potential employer, so make sure that it’s a Good One!

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19 Episodes - we've covered everything you'll need to make an Impressive Portfolio!

This course will answer every single question that you might ever have had about making a portfolio! Additionally (we don’t do the bare minimum, y’know!) the course is loaded with a bunch of psychological tips and tricks to make sure your portfolio grabs the attention of the employer!

14 Additional Resources with Tips & Tricks to make an excellent Portfolio!

When applying for a job, the portfolio isn’t the only deciding factor, isn’t it! You’re absolutely right to think so! And therefore, we won’t leave you by just telling you about making a portfolio. The course discusses the right way to apply for a job, the mistakes that you must avoid in your portfolio & interview! Along with the sample cover letter to land you your next job!

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Wondering if your portfolio can look exquisite as the ones you see online for inspiration? Worry not! Now you can!

Yes my friend, that’s totally possible! Learn practical techniques to improve the layouts, composition, typography, graphics, structure & sequence of your portfolio!

Content of this Course

How to design Architecture Portfolio

Unit 1


Introduction to Course

Unit 2

How to Structure your Portfolio

Identifying the target

Designing Portfolio Cover

Curriculum Vitae

Defining the sequence of your Projects

Adding more Stuff apart from Projects

Unit 3

Steps to Follow & Quantifying Work

Identifying the Right Format for Different Sections

Break down projects in Texts & Diagrams

Defining the Timeline

Ideal Length for your Portfolio

Unit 4

Portfolio Composition with Right Visuals

Composition Basics

Design Principles

Choosing the right Visual Style



Unit 5

How to Share your Portfolio

How to show your Portfolio Online

Print your Portfolio

Best way to apply with Portfolio




Resources to choose Colors for Portfolio

Fonts to use in Your Portfolio

Illustrator Shortcuts to Improve Speed

List of Books for Architectural Presentation

Mistakes to Avoid in your Job Interview

Photoshop Shortcuts to Improve Speed

Online Platforms to Publish Portfolio

Mistakes to Avoid in your Portfolio

Reference Portfolios for Inspiration

The Right Way to Apply for a Job

Sample Cover Letter for a Job

Tips to Write a Good Cover Letter

Tips to make a good Curriculum Vitae

Websites to Download Human Cut-outs PNGs

You know you can trust RTF Team to guide you through this

Developed by RTF Team after months of thorough research & through extensive discussions with students, academicians and practitioners in the fields, How To Design Architecture Portfolio is a complete package if you're planning to apply for a job or internship! Also we’ve run the course through many trials to ensure that it’s very easy to consume and keeps you hooked till the last lesson!

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