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The Iranian house has had special features in the past, such as the security of nature-friendly privacy and a sense of vitality.

These items are defined by the yard, the materials used in the interior and the facade of the building before the entrance, and the proper spatial organization in the plan.

Eduwik Architecture Excellence Awards 2022
Second Award | Housing (upto 5 floors) (Concept)

Project Name: House inside out
Project Category: Housing (upto 5 floors)

Studio Name: aladesign
Design Team: Ali Lavasani_Ashkan Delavarnejad, Mehdi Fardbozgaran, Helia Rezaei
Area: 50 meters
Location: Atabak _ Tehran
Consultants: Ashkan Delavarnejad, Mehdi Fardbozgaran, Helia Rezaei
Photography Credits:
Other Credits:  

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Due to the social location of the site and the fact that the main facade of the building receives the west light, the west side is designed in such a way that it prevents direct sunlight from entering the interior of the building. To create privacy on the west side, use balconies with folding openings that both direct the light inside indirectly and provide a place for the residents to spend their free time.

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We considered private spaces and public spaces on two separate floors to increase the sense of privacy in the building. To connect the internal spaces, the vertical accesses are not located in a row and column, which has caused the internal spaces to not be wasted.The overall project consists of horizontal and vertical bricks, which a combination of these two together creates a cross-shaped form, and the overall form of the facade also refers to the cross-shaped form. The cruciform openings on the open and semi-open openings on the west side are intended for light to enter when the openings are closed, and there are colored glasses inside half of the openings.

In the project of the north facade, due to receiving the light from the north, openings have been considered. The entrance to the workshop and residential space is defined by a front entrance on the west side. The front entrance leads the occupants through a hierarchy from the outside space into the house

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