Sancho Casual Burger | Serrano+Baquero and Furia

The project for Sancho Casual Burger tries to generate a user experience in relation to the special raw material they use.

A continuous ceiling of wheat, oats and barley, the main food for the cows, is established with a lighting system that enhances it.

Eduwik Architecture Excellence Awards 2022
Second Award | Interiors – Hospitality (Built)

Project Name: Sancho Casual Burger
Project Category: Interiors. Hospitality.

Studio Name: Serrano+Baquero and Furia
Design Team: Juan Antonio Serrano Garcia and Paloma Baquero Masats (Serrano + Baquero architects). Rafael Ruiz Casares (Furia. Graphic designer)
Area:55 sqm
Year:Summer 2021
Location: Granada, Spain
Photography Credits:Fernando Alda
Other Credits:

Sancho Casual Burger | Serrano+Baquero and Furia - Sheet2
©Fernando Alda

Local materials such as lime mortar, wood and oats and wheat are used, giving rise to a recognizable space as part of our culture in a way that enhances the specific character of the gastronomic concept, associated with the land and the cuisine of neighborhood, thus moving away from the franchise world.

The floor plan is made of natural wood and continues with the perimeter benches, creating a cozy atmosphere.

The third material used is lime mortar. Like wood and cereals, a natural and local material, part of the user’s collective memory, treated differently than usual to enhance the experience of the space.

Sancho Casual Burger | Serrano+Baquero and Furia - Sheet3
©Fernando Alda

As for the façade, continuity is sought with the two adjoining buildings, one made with bush-hammered Sierra Elvira stone and the other made with polished Sierra Elvira stone, executing the façade of the premises with honed Sierra Elvira stone, the intermediate state of the stone.

The maximum possible transparency is achieved, so that the premises are part of the street and manage to attract the user thanks to the created atmosphere, familiar in terms of elements, but at the same time different and innovative, and the street can also be part of the hamburger restaurant, thus expanding its reduced space.

Sancho Casual Burger | Serrano+Baquero and Furia - Sheet4
©Fernando Alda

The Sancho Casual Burger project is a commitment to the multidisciplinary, being a work carried out by various professionals: architects, floral artist, graphic artist, brand designer and potter.

All the materials are local, studying the craft techniques to be used in order to give continuity to jobs in danger of disappearing.

In addition to looking at tradition to choose the material for the intervention: wood, lime mortar, oats and wheat, innovation was provided by using the materials in a different way than usual: oats and wheat were arranged on the ceiling like a large suspended agricultural field, the wooden slats took continuity in benches and bars and the lime mortar was used in different thicknesses and finishes to shape the letters of the brand.

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