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Since decades, a bi-weekly market has popped up on this site – an odd-shaped strip of land on opposite sides of the Narindrapur road in Siwan, Bihar. The design retains all existing vendors as per the existing clusters with a few additional facilities and space for more vendors to join.

Eduwik Architecture Excellence Awards 2022
Second Award | Public Utility (Built)

Project Name: Design and place making for a local produce market
Project Category: Public Utility
Studio Name: Studio Matter
Design Team: Aliptha Govindu, Rishiraj Sarkar, Ruturaj Parikh
Site Area: 1280 Sq M
Built-Up Area: 250 Sq M approx.
Year of initiation: 2019
Location: Narindrapur, Bihar
Consultants: Scon Private Limited, Patna
Photography Credits: Studio Matter
Other Credits: Studio Matter

Design and Place Making for a Local Produce Market | Studio Matter - Sheet2
©Studio Matter

By organising the market on plinths and under the shade of MS space-framed structures, the design also accounts for ideas of interaction, circulation and accessibility in an attempt to invigorate the place as a small urban node with possibility of activities even on days when the market does not sit.

Design and Place Making for a Local Produce Market | Studio Matter - Sheet3
©Studio Matter

Existing trees on site including an age-old banyan tree have been incorporated in the design; also serves as a place for the market and community to gather around. The wire-cut brick jali allows one to see through to the other side making the structure visually open and light.

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